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    Department store chain comprised of 19 locations. It manages a compact and flexible store format.
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    A chain of retail home improvement stores comprised of 17 locations.
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    Company in charge of managing Peru's largest mall chain, with a distinguished flair for innovation that positions it as leader of the national industry. To date, Real Plaza consists of 20 malls nationwide.
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    Our mission is to structure projects between the public and private sectors, generating shared value and competence for the country and within the Intercorp holding group.
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    Company focused on the development, execution and management of prepay programs through the implementation and commercialization of electronic cards destined to obtain benefits for employees.
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    Intercorp's first retail venture, Supermercados Peruanos SA is the fastest growing supermarket chain in Peru. Managing both Plaza Vea and Vivanda that consist of a combined 103 stores nationwide, it now stands in second place with one third of the market share.
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    ExpressNet is an auxiliary company of financial intermediation that processes American Express card operations in Peru.
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    Intercorp is a holding company with investments in the financial, retail, education, industrial and entertainment sectors, amongst others. Currently operating in multiple formats, Intercorp has an important presence in every Peruvian region.
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    The only corporate university in Latin America. Created to promote the training and development of Intercorp's employees.
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    We are an educational institution that forms entrepreneurs through excellent academic preparation and an exemplary formation in corporate responsibility, capable to undertake business whilst contributing to the development of the country.
In 1994 a group of Peruvian entrepreneurs acquired Banco Internacional del Perú, which then became INTERBANK.
Their vision was to build the best bank in the country by recruiting the best talent. Today Interbank is one of the largest banks in Peru.
In 1996, two years after the acquisition, the bank’s name was changed from Interbanc to Interbank.
Interfondos SAF was founded in 1996, managing only one mutual fund. Today, it manages 12 mutual funds.
In 1998, two other companies were founded: Urbi propiedades (real estate) and Interseguro (insurance).
On the turn of the century, we open The Interbank Tower. Today, one of Lima’s main landmarks.
Supermarket chain Santa Isabel is acquired, which then becomes Supermercados Peruanos, one of the most important supermarket chains in the country, now boasting over 103 stores all over Peru.
The first Real Plaza is inaugurated in Chiclayo. Today, it leads the shopping center industry with 20 malls and over 614,700 m2 all over the country.
Inkafarma, the biggest pharmacy chain in the country with over 845 stores.
Innova Schools, first class education designed for an emerging middle class which to the date had little or no options for quality private schools.
Promart, a new chain of homecenter stores with home improvement related products. Comprised of 17 locations nationwide.
On 2012, we begin conducting the operations of a university that specializes in technical and scientific careers.
On 2014, IPAE is acquired, a business school dedicated to entrepreneurial formation.

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To be the corporation that inspires the most pride amongst Peruvians.


To build a brighter future, day by day, for all Peruvian families.


  • Transparency
  • Self-improvement spirit
  • Teamwork
  • Vocation for service
  • … and with Sense of humor.
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Due to corporative and strategic reasons, the reference to INTERCORP and its affiliates will include both members of economic group Intercorp Peru Ltd. (for more information see www.smv.gob.pe ) and companies linked to Nexus Group and / or its founders.

Intercorp Companies and Partners

Grupo Intercorp
Alameda Colonial S.A.
Alert del Perú S.A.
Banco Internacional de Perú S.A.A. - Interbank
Boticas del Oriente S.A.C.
Centro Cívico S.A.
Centro Comercial Estación Central S.A.
Club de Socios S.A.
Colegios Peruanos S.A.C.
Compañía de Servicios Conexos Expressnet S.A.C.
Contacto Servicios Integrales de Créditos y Cobranzas S.A.
Corporación Inmobiliaria de la Unión 600 S.A.
Domus Hogares del Norte S.A.
Eckerd Amazonía S.A.C.
Eckerd Perú S.A.
Empresa Administradora Hipotecaria IS S.A.
Financiera Uno S.A.
Homecenters Peruanos S.A.
Horizonte Global Opportunites Corp.
Horizonte Global Opportunites Perú S.A.C.
HPSA Corp.
IFH Capital Corp.
IFH Perú Trading (Shangai) Company Limited
IFH Perú Trading Company Limited Hong Kong
IFH Retail Corp.
Inmobiliaria Milenia S.A.
InRetail Perú Corp.
InRetail Properties Management S.R.L.
InRetail Real Estate Corp.
Inteligo Bank Ltd.
Inteligo Group Corp.
Inteligo Real Estate Corp.
Inteligo Real Estate Perú S.A.C.
Inteligo Sociedad Agente de Bolsa S.A.
Interbank - Representaçoes y Participaçoes Brasil Ltda.
Intercorp Capital Investments Inc.
Intercorp Financial Services Inc.
Intercorp Investments Perú Inc.
Intercorp Management S.A.C.
Intercorp RE Inc.
Intercorp Retail Inc.
Interfondos S.A. Sociedad Administradora de Fondos Mutuos
Internacional de Títulos Sociedad Titulizadora S.A. - Intertítulos
Interseguro Compañía de Seguros S.A.
Inversiones Huancavelica S.A.
Inversiones Río Nuevo S.A.C.
La Punta Global Opportunities Corp.
Lince Global Opportunities Corp.
NG Education Holdings Corp.
NG Education Holdings II Corp.
NG Education S.A.C.
Patrimonio en Fideicomiso D.S. No. 093-2002-EF-InRetail Consumer
Patrimonio en Fideicomiso D.S. No. 093-2002-EF-InRetail Shopping Malls
Patrimonio en Fideicomiso D.S. No. 093-2002-EF-Interproperties Holding
Peruana de Tiquetes S.A.C.
Plaza Vea Sur S.A.C.
Promotora de Universidad Tecnológica de Chiclayo S.A.C.
Puente de San Miguel Arcángel S.A.
Real Plaza S.R.L.
Ronepeto S.A.
San Miguel Global Opportunites S.A.C.
Servicio Educativo Empresarial S.A.C.
Servicios Educativos Perú S.A.C.
Supermercados Peruanos Hold Corp.
Supermercados Peruanos S.A.
Tiendas Peruanas S.A.
Universidad Tecnológica del Perú S.A.C.
URBI Propiedades S.A.
Urbi Solutions S.A.C.

Socios Estratégicos
Bembos S.A.C.
Cineplex S.A.
Corporación Peruana de Restaurantes S.A.
EF de Franquicias S.A.C.
Inmobiliaria Eliseo S.A.
Intralot S.A.
Nessus Hoteles Perú S.A.
NG Restaurants S.A.
Nutra S.A.
Peruplast S.A.
San Miguel Industrias Internacional S.A.C. (Perú)
San Miguel Industrias PET S.A. (Perú)
Servicios Compartidos de Restaurantes S.A.C.
Soluciones Cardiológicas S.A.C.

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It is hereby informed that the personal information provided to any of the companies of Grupo Intercorp or its Strategic Partners listed below (hereinafter, the “THE COMPANY”) are incorporated to the clients’ database of THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY will use this information for the management of the required and/or hired products and/or services (including financial evaluations, data processing, contractual formalizations, collection of debts, [management of financial operations] and delivery of correspondence, between others), which can be done through third parties.

Likewise the owner of the personal information authorizes THE COMPANY to use his/her personal information, including sensitive data, that were provided directly to THE COMPANY, as well as the ones that could be found in sources accessible to the public or that have been obtained from third parties; for treatments that involve the development of commercial actions , including financial evaluations, the delivery (by physical, electronic or telephone means) of advertisement, information of offers (personalized or general) of products and/or services of THE COMPANY and/or of other companies of Grupo Intercorp and its strategic partners, which are diffused in the website of the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores (www.smv.gob.pe) and in the website http://www.intercorp.com.pe/es. For these effects, the owner of the personal information authorizes THE COMPANY the assignment or communication of his/her personal information, to those companies and between them.

It is also herby informed to the owner of the personal information , that he/she may revoke the authorization for the use of his/her personal information in any moment, according to the Ley de Protección de Datos Personales (Law No. 29733) and it’s Regulations (Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS). To exercise this right, or any other right established in those rules, the owner of the personal information will be able to file its request in any of the offices of THE COMPANY.