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Aurelia Alvarado, User Experience Manager at Innova Schools and Alvaro Valdez, General Academic Director of UTP shared their experience and main lessons learned from virtual education with Intercorp’s human talent.

For both Aurelia and Alvaro, their passion for the sector in which they work began during their work in an NGO. There they both realized that education can change the lives of people and their families. They also commented that they learned a great deal from the change to the virtual environment in education.

At Innova Schools, they learned that students are much more autonomous and able to adapt, so the biggest challenge they had was with parents: "today parents are the essential companions of learning at home and that is where we are focusing on helping them".

At UTP we learned that the dynamics of a classroom will never be the same as those of a virtual environment, so we had to go back, rethink and redesign all the student's experiences.

Finally, Aurelia and Álvaro highlighted the importance of taking advantage of technology as a means, not as an end, and affirmed that there are many strengths of virtual education that should be taken advantage of. They assured that, in spite of everything, the situation has driven a necessary change: "Over the course of the last 100 years, little has changed in the educational sector and this is an opportunity to rethink things," said Aurelia.

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