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We generate actual impact on the lives of millions by facing up to ambitious challenges in an enterprising culture.

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Along with Nelson, we enhance Peruvians' well-being by giving them access to quality products every day.

Supermercados Peruanos

Along with Tatiana, we help Peruvians enjoy the present while we build their future together.

Financiera Oh

Along with Luis, we empower the people and companies of Intercorp to create a better future.


Along with Daniel, we enable students across Peru to transform their lives forever.


Along with Claudia, we accompany people as they find and live their own dream style.


Along with Orlando, we make it easier for peruvians to advance safely.


Along with Joselyn, we inspire and educate students throughout the country, so they can then transform the world.

Innova School

Along with Rocío, we make Peru exceed all expectations.

Casa Andina

Along with Javier, we bring Peruvians closer to the best investment opportunities to build their future.


Along with Florencia, we help Peruvians reach their dreams, today.


Along with José Luis, we create public spaces where everyone can be happy.

Real Plaza

Along with Erick, we enable students across Peru to transform their lives forever.


Along with Edith, we help Peruvian families so they achieve their dream home.


Along with José Miguel, we help more families live peacefully and securely throughout their lives.


Along with Jairo, we create unique moments through the experience of taste.


Along with Mariela, we transform the places where we exist, seeking to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Intercorp Retail

where each of us lives and demonstrates Intercorp's values in their own way


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