from the CEO

It is with great satisfaction that we share the achievements and progress of Intercorp in the year 2022, a challenging period in which macroeconomic and geopolitical instability impacted the private sector both locally and globally.

Even though the lasting effects of the pandemic, inflation and logistic difficulties affected all Peruvian companies, at Intercorp we address these challenges with a positive and proactive outlook.

Our business strategy, which builds on innovation, digitalization and operational efficiency, combined with our betting on the best talent, allowed us to arrive at this successful year-end. This accomplishment strengthens our commitment and purpose to make Peru the best place to raise a family, a goal that transcends present and future generations.

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone with the launching of our Intercorp Sustainability Strategy. This strategy guides our actions towards the sustainable development of our country, based on four strategic pillars: Environment, Society, Economy and Integrity.

From our Integrity Front, we created a culture of sustainability and a strong corporate governance which strengthens our vision of making sustainability the basis of how we do business. In 2022, in the Environment Pillar, we focused on setting clear goals for measurement of the carbon footprint, ecoefficiency and solid waste reduction in all of our companies, resulting in 99% of our companies strengthening their environmental management by measuring their carbon footprint and building plans for energy ecoefficiency.

We promote synergies by sharing good practices, which are an integral part of our Report. In the Society and Economy Pillars, our approach focused on bringing well-being and quality education through shared value programs in all of our companies. The creation of value is not limited to our operations, it encompasses our entire value chain. With over 59% of our more than 79,000 collaborators being women, and 15 of our companies in the Great Place to Work Ranking, it is clear that we are building a favorable environment for growth and equity.

The diversity of our group poses unique challenges and opportunities on our path towards sustainability. We celebrate the remarkable accomplishments and the

recognition of InRetail, for the second consecutive year, in the "Dow Jones Sustainability Index" and of Interbank in the Merco Responsabilidad ESG. These s two companies are also recognized in the ESG ranking of the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL). These accomplishments exemplify our commitment to embedding sustainability management into various areas and in our way of doing business.

With ambitious goals for 2025, we strive to implement sustainable practices and commitments everywhere in Intercorp. From mitigating our carbon footprint to boosting small and medium-sized businesses, we are proud of our determination to create a positive and measurable impact.

Lastly, we wholeheartedly invite you to delve into our Sustainability Report, where you will find specific details of our actions, accomplishments and goals in each of our strategic pillars. This report briefly summarizes our on-going commitment to sustainability and our firm purpose to contribute to the sustainable development of Peru. Together, we are building a brighter and more sustainable future for all.


Fernando Zavala

CEO Intercorp