Bueno por dentro

By our operation in Plaza Vea, Vivanda, Makro and Tiendas Mass Perú, we contribute with the “Zero Hunger” goal of Peru.

An estimated 12.8 million tons of food, accounting for 47.76% of domestic production (Sustainability, 2021) are discarded every year in Peru.

Concurrently, in 2021, an estimated 16.6 million people (50.5%) in Peru underwent moderate or severe food insecurity, i.e., the population which failed to cover their food needs at least on day in the aforementioned period (FAO). In its turn, the last report from INEI (2022) on monetary poverty states that it affected 25.9% of the population in 2021, which indicates that people have a per capita expense that does not allow them to purchase the food and non-food basic basket.

The “Bueno por Dentro” program was created in 2015 as a shared value project intended to address the donation of food from the Retail platform supermarkets.

By its operation in Plaza Vea, Vivanda, Makro and from the supermarkets but also contribute to the “Zero Hunger” goal of Peru

In 2022, Bueno por Dentro, partnering with social organizations, channeled donations of 18 million food rations, benefitting 78 thousand people, 50% of which were minors.